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What can we do if we "have no time" to get to the gym?

We live very busy lives, many of us can't find time to get to the gym to exercises our Erb's Palsy arm. We can however do small stretches all day long to help increase range of movement.

I have a very busy lifestyle. I often find myself saying that "I don't have time to go to the gym". It's really frustrating as I feel that I'm letting myself down and I feel guilty that I'm not working on my arm.

What can we do?

"We need to do small things everyday to make a change."

I put a little video together to show things that I can be doing at home, maybe in the shower before work, or when you are brushing your teeth. Just like #mindfulness we need to do small things everyday and do make a change. I recently pulled an intercostal muscle in the gym, so I was unable to do my usual #workout

I believe that things happen for a reason. I was grumpy for a day, but I realised that it was a positive thing. Many people with #erbspalsy lack in confidence in the gym. Myself included. I started to do smaller exercises at home which I have been overlooking in the gym. These exercises can help loosen up the stiffness in the joints and hopefully regain some range of motion. I find that the fingers in my left hand don't hang straight, they are curled up. I can just about stretch them out, but the natural resting place is curled. In the video below, you will see how I have been stretching the wrist and fingers and you know what... It feels great after it's been stretched!

For those of you that are lacking in confidence due to you #brachialplexusinjury I want to tell you that you can do it. It's difficult not to feel a little self-conscious, I still have that feeling if anyone looks at me trying to lift the lightest weight possible. But you are inspirational to others in the gym. You are working harder than all of them. You may have to adapt the way you lift, but that's ok. Take it steady and take it day by day.

If you are not ready to brave the gym, then check out this video for a small stretch you can be doing at home.

Much love x

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