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Brachial Plexus Injury Didn't Stop Me Playing Football

We sometimes think that there are limits if you have a disability. What I have found is that so many people prove that you can overcome your situation and still enjoy the things that you have a passion for. Today's article was written by Allen, who is awesome at American Football. Personally I grew up in the U.K and we play Rugby, which I avoided as I didn't want to cause more injury. I have a lot of admiration for people with BPI who play contact sports...

My name is Allen Thomas and I am on the Junior Board Of Directors for UBPN. My journey began in 2000 when I was born at 23 weeks of gestation one pound five ounces and 12 inches long. Of course, I do not remember the beginning of my journey, but my mother and family and friends have shared how many obstacles that I have overcome. I was discharged from the hospital on oxygen, with a heart monitor, on ten different medications, having failed the hearing test, a hernia, and right arm #brachialplexusinjury and only weighing four pounds.

I spent the first five years of my life in the paediatric unit at the hospital on doctors visits taking occupational therapy or physical therapy. During that time, I also developed a love for football and for believing that I could do anything without help. Just like other children that started out like me, I began school at three years old through the early intervention program. Throughout my entire time in school until my graduation from Athens Drive High School in 2018, I made a lot of  friends. I wanted to pursue journalism and requested to be allowed to take the newspaper class. I graduated as a Quill scholar and had several articles published in the school paper. I also played football for three of my four years at Athens Drive. I was an All County Scholar Athlete 2016, 2017. I'm currently a freshman at app state in which i major in journalism.

"My advice it to keep pushing forward and to show people that you can play sports, as well and to live out your dreams to the fullest."

How did you overcome Brachial Plexus Injury?

I've been playing football with my Brachial Plexus Injury since I was 6 and I really enjoyed it. I have gotten used to using my arm in different ways in football, lifting weights and showing people what I can do on the field. I was blessed to play football in high school and to let people know about my #disability and to inspire others. My advice it to keep pushing forward and to show people that you can play sports, as well and to live out your dreams to the fullest.

Thank you

It's always nice to share other people's stories about living and adapting with #erbspalsy / BPI. So thank you so much to Allen for sending this over. If you would like to get involved by writing an article, sharing a video or anything else then please contact me. Remember to sign up below for news and updated on blogs, videos and everything BPI related.

Much love and peace



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Matti B Sparks
Matti B Sparks
Jul 18, 2021

I am still trying to figure out if my 6 year old can/should play football. I love seeing a success story here. Thanks for sharing!!

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