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Use role models to empower your motivation

Role models are so important to empower your motivation for success. You may have more than one role model for different areas of your life. For example, you may have one for the gym and one for work. Use their success to inspire yours.

My biggest role model is #willsmith and he has been ever since I was a boy. It’s not because I want to be a rapper or a movie star, but because I appreciate the energy that he has and his attitude towards life. He speaks so much sense. I was lucky enough to have seen him perform live at the Livewire Festival in Blackpool last summer and his energy is infectious. He has a positive aura about him, which is so nice to see with such a big celebrity. His message is powerful, which is why he inspires me so much. I have a tattoo of the famous saying “be the change you want to see in the world” and I really think he adopts this attitude.

Who can role models be?

"Your role models should inspire you to be the best version of you, not to become a duplication of them."

Remember that #rolemodels don’t have to be a celebrity. I’ve been talking to a few people on Instagram who have worked so hard on their #erbspalsy arm in the gym, it’s just incredible how much they have overcome and how much muscle and strength they have gained. I admire them and the effort they have put into overcoming their problem.

Sometimes people chase things for the wrong reasons. They may be fixated on money, image, possessions or just want to be famous and admired. We need to be careful with this. I think the key is not to want to be the same as someone else. You are a unique individual, with your own unique story. I could look at someone else and say that I wish I had their lifestyle, body, money or job etc, but who’s to say if you follow your dream, you may not end up being someone else’s role model? If you want to be famous, how will you being famous have a positive impact on the world? Is it just for the admiration of others, or is it for a deeper reason?

Your role models should inspire you to be the best version of you, not to become a duplication of them. Set your own specific goals which are unique to you and listen to what your heart is telling you to do. Use their positivity and their success to boost yours. Role models prove that your dreams can come true, so why can’t they happen to you?

Much love x

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